The St. James FC Virginia is the preeminent educational and performance resource center for youth soccer players in the United States. Student-athletes will have the most comprehensive soccer development experience in the country with services for beginners and those at the advanced level.

The goal is to make youth soccer player development a measurable and educationally-meaningful experience for the child and his/her family, with a deliberate focus on “learning by doing” and holistic training, mentorship and competition.

Educational Philosophy

The St. James FC Virginia utilizes long-term athlete development principles as its framework for educational programming, team formation and training, and support for each child and his/her family. These principles can be used as a foundation on which to make existing systems more successful and training more consistent. Used by almost all national governing bodies of sport, the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) is one of the most successful in the world.

We believe that the experiences a player has with The St. James FC Virginia will be beneficial throughout their lifetime. The focus of The St. James FC Virginia soccer program is the development of the individual player. Our goal is to maximize the development of the individual through programming that challenges each player, a coaching staff that adheres to high standards, and first class facilities. The St. James FC Virginia is resolute in dedicating its time and resources to the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of playing soccer.