Coaching Staff

The St. James FC Virginia Coaching Staff

The St. James FC Virginia has brought together some of the highest level coaches from not only the DMV but throughout the country to provide the best level of expertise for each player and team.

TSJFCV Coaches are specifically assigned to work in the age groups that their skill set is best utilized for which creates an optimal learning and growth environment for each player and team

coaching staff - north region


Bles Park

  • Eugene Asamoah (M/W/F)
  • Michael Reyes (Sat)

Hanson Park & Brambleton MS

  • Simon England (M/W/F/S)
  • Victor Beltran (T/TH)
  • Mikey Aragon (Sat)


  • Adam Baumgardner (Tues)
  • Victor Beltran (Wed)
  • Adam Baumgardner (Sat)


  • Michael Reyes (Wed)
  • Victor Beltran (Sat)


  • Kevin Trinh (M/W nZone)
  • Michael Reyes (Tues- Nysmith)
  • Mikey Aragon (Thurs- Nysmith)
  • Amine El-Hachimi (Sat)

FC Virginia is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for all of our players. In accordance with the "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017" we require all members of our coaching staff (paid and volunteer) to complete SafeSport training.

This training program is designed to help recognize and prevent situations of child abuse. This includes Mandatory Reporting of suspected abuse.

As members of Virginia Youth Soccer and US Soccer, FC Virginia will take all necessary steps to enforce policies and laws that are in place to ensure we continue to have a safe environment for all players.


Enrollment Key will be emailed to coaches directly

FC Virginia is committed to ensuring our players follow all necessary precautions and protocols when it comes to head injuries and return-to-play procedures when a head injury has occurred. For our coaches it is necessary to complete the CDC's Heads Up training to be sure that we all have increased awareness of how to prevent and identify possible concussions as well as know the proper protocols for players to return to the field. By completing this training program we hope this coaches will also learn how to reduce the risk of concussions and head/ neck related injuries.

Coaches may complete the CDC's Heads Up training here:

All concussions must be reported to the club utilizing the reporting form below.

For players returning from a concussion, a medical release is REQUIRED to the club PRIOR to return to play. Medical release can be submitted to


Always be prepared through a session you've planned out yourself or use the pre-made sessions listed below! You can use sessions from any of the age groups and modify them and you can also grab from either season! Mix and match but always make sure that your sessions are age group and developmentally appropriate! The sessions below can be adapted to fit the number of players you have available daily.

4v4 Build up play 1
4v4 Attack 2
4v4 Attack 1
4v4 Build up play 2
4v4 Scoring Goals 2
4v4 Scoring Goals

7v7 Build Up 1
7v7 Attack 1
7v7 Attack 2
7v7 Build Up 2
7v7 Scoring Goals 1
7v7 Scoring Goals 2


The US Soccer Learning Center is the hub for all things coaching within the US Soccer standards of coaching which includes the pathway through the coaching education system & the referee education system within US Soccer.

For our Grassroots level coaches there is a tremendous amount of information available which includes online courses that you can get licensed through US Soccer. Online course costs of extremely reasonable for the amount of information that you will receive.

There is an Introduction to Grassroots Coaching that is available at no charge here.

US Soccer: Six Tasks of a Coach

*Coaching the Game*
*Coaching Training Sessions*
Leading the Team
Leading the Player
Managing the Performance Environment

The United Soccer Coaches Association is a fantastic resource for all of our coaches to be able to expand their knowledge of the game.  As a USC member you will have access to number of coaching resources as well as eLearning opportunities.

USC offers a 30 day trial membership.   To learn more click here